Supply management is Canada’s key to food security, sovereignty

Canada is a trading nation, one blessed with abundant and valued natural resources and a skilled workforce in every industry. On average, we export 80 per cent of our farming and manufacturing production. While trade is important, we cannot negotiate away those agricultural institutions that give us a competitive advantage, which in many cases are the envy […]

Talking points on food safety cold comfort

What is disconcerting about the Conservatives’ continued attempts to explain away cuts to Canadian food safety is their reliance on the same, tired talking points. In his letter to the editor, MP LaVar Payne refers to a “modernization agenda,” much in the same way his colleagues refer to the cuts as “searching for efficiencies.” Tragically, members of […]

Tories acting callously on food safety

Dear editor: Kitchener Centre Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth is acting recklessly, putting his community members’ health at risk. He is supporting legislation that will reduce food safety oversight and make major cuts to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Canadians remember the devastating impact on many families from deaths caused by the listeriosis outbreaks. We know […]

Get Home Insurance in Georgetown

The importance of getting a good home insurance cannot be underestimated. Whether you a getting a new home or living in a house that has no insurance, experts highly recommend that you try and find a good home insurer that will reliably cover you in the case of any damages. It may be impossible to […]