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Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care

In 2010, myself and a group of MPs across party lines established the Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care (PCPCC). This non-partisan committee is now comprised of over 55 Members of Parliament.

The original concept of a Parliamentary Committee dedicated exclusively to the study and promotion of excellence in palliative and compassionate care in Canada arose from discussions between a small group of MPs and a number of their constituents concerned about the state of this much-neglected but eminently important field of medicine.

Following these interactions, several Members agreed in principle to establish an authoritative Parliamentary body able to foster a meaningful national discussion on the subject and drive focused policy action aimed at rectifying several persistent shortcomings.

On November 17, 2011, the PCPCC released a landmark report concerning the future of our long-term healthcare system in Canada focusing specifically on three areas: palliative care, suicide prevention and elder abuse. The report titled “Not to be Forgotten: Care of Vulnerable Canadians” is the product of a culmination of a series of consultations, discussions, and extensive research with medical stakeholders and constituents across the country. It aims to promote awareness, while effectively proposing policies with a constructive framework that deals with long-term health issues in Canada.

The report is divided into three sections: the first highlights research, education and eldercare training, as well as innovative program training for medical students in the area of palliative care. The second illuminates facts on suicide rates in Canada and proposes a comprehensive national suicide strategy. The third outlines how Canada can establish a coherent system of intervention for elder abuse.

For an electronic copy of Not to be Forgotten: Care of Vulnerable Canadians, please click on the attachment below. For more information on our committee, please visit our website at the following link.

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